Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions

If you are on regular medication you will be issued with a repeat prescription slip. You may request repeat prescriptions by ticking the items required on the slip. This can then be handed in at the reception desk or to the pharmacist that usually dispenses your prescription. You may post the request to the surgery if you prefer (please enclose a reply paid envelope if you want the prescription returned to you).

We will need 3 working days from receipt of the request and will send the new prescription to your chosen pharmacy. Please plan in advance to avoid running out of medication. We have been spending increasing amounts of time at the surgery looking for missing prescriptions which are actually ‘in the system’ or already en route to the pharmacies.

You may prefer to collect the prescription from reception, again please allow enough time from your request for the prescription to be printed, signed and sorted.

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In order to make our prescription service safer, from 1st August 2009 the staff at Honiton Surgery will not be taking any requests for prescriptions over the telephone. All future requests for prescriptions will need to be either by written request to the surgery or by using your repeat medication slip. The local pharmacies will still be able to take requests over the phone.

The reasons for this change are as follows:

The most important reason is that it is safer. The pharmacists have staff that are particularly well trained in handling medication requests. Some telephone messages to the surgery are not clear and can involve a great deal of time and effort in checking and chasing up correct drug details and the correct dosages.

This system will reduce the number of phone calls to the surgery. It will be easier for patients phoning for appointments, advice or in urgent need of help to get through.

Together with other practices in the area and nationally we have been encouraging people not to ring for prescriptions. We now intend to take this further as it has been found to lead to safer prescribing and improved telephone access.


Your health is our top priority. All we are asking from you is that you think a little further ahead when ordering your medication to avoid running out and having to make requests for urgent medication.


Patients receiving their medication on a repeat basis will follow the same process as normal. Repeat slips can be handed into your chemist, the surgery or sent in by post. Medication will be available for collection at the pharmacy of your choice within 3 working days. The receptionists at the surgery will not be able from the 1st August take requests for repeat medication over the phone, so you will have to think ahead and order in plenty of time, leaving at least 3 working days for the prescription to be processed and dispensed.


Requests for medication which you do not have on repeat prescription but have been given in the past can be obtain in the following ways:

Phone your pharmacist.

  • Boots 01404 42666
  • Lloyds 01404 42762
  • Boots Alliance 01404 41866
  • Tesco 01404 539247

Fax the surgery - 01404 46621
(With details and reasons for the request – please identify yourself clearly)

Pick up one of our new medication request forms which will be at reception or in your local pharmacy.

If you have forgotten to order your prescription on time you will not be left without treatment:

  • If you are unwell you can make an appointment to see a doctor at the surgery or to ask for a telephone consultation, or when the surgery is closed, contact the out of hours service.
  • If you need medication at weekends or when the surgery is closed your pharmacist can dispense your medication for a few days.
  • If you have recently been to a hospital appointment and your medication has been changed, the hospital doctors should issue you with a prescription for an initial course of the new drug.

All that we are asking is that you think ahead a little and help us to provide a safer and more accessible service for you all.